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INTRODUCTION Fabchem Vina, a Korean jumbo bag manufacturer investing in Vietnam, was established on January 20, 2010, headquartered at Lot 1, industrial cluster of Nam Thanh Ba craft village, Phu Tho province.We supply a wide range of premium products upon request from our customers. With the scale of machinery and equipment reaching 3600 tons per year, and production capacity reaching 1, 800,000 products we are supplying products to major partners. TARGET MARKET The main export markets of Fabchem Vina are as follows: Korea (accounting for 90%), the rest are countries such as Japan, Australia, USA, India, Philippines, .... Currently we are aiming for Other markets such as the US, Thailand ... HUMAN RESOURCES We use a source of young, skilled Vietnamese labor force of about 300 staff members. At the same time, the person directly managing is the General Director of the company, Mr. Kang Gi Bong, with 30 years of experience in the profession. Besides, there are also two Korean experts in charge of production management and quality control. IV. SCALE PRODUCTION Our company applies modern production lines according to Korean technology, including 03 spinning machines, 20 six shuttle circular loom, 8 shuttle shuttle, 10 shuttle loom; 10 belt weaving machines, 03 water looms, cutting machines, printing machines, sewing machines ... All machinery and equipment are imported in countries with advanced technology such as Korea, China ... 1. Yarn The production stage of yarn from raw materials is PP. Raw materials are imported from countries such as Korea, Middle East countries, Singapore, China, ... or purchased from Nghi Son Vietnam factory. We are equipped with 03 latest technology spinning machines imported from Korea and China. 2. PE Film process The process of creating a plastic film from PE plastic beads, used as an inner liner for bulk bag packaging products containing ultrafine particles. The inner liner comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the customer.The products that are used normally are bottom-glued or not, in addition we can also produce liner form fit products according to each request. specific needs of customers 3. Textile process This is the weaving stage of fabric from the yarn created in the spinning stage, weaving the appropriate fabric specifications according to each customer's requirements. 4. Cutting- Printing Automatic cutting machine for high precision,3-color printer system on one product, high clarity, ensuring accurate color quality according to customer requirements 5. Sewing Finished sewing is one of the important stages that we pay attention to. With modern sewing machines, skilled workers, our products always aim for the best quality V. QUALITY CONTROL FABCHEM VINA CO., LTD takes satisfaction and meets the requirements of customers as a strategy for long-term development.Always interested in developing human resources, implementing training, updating knowledge and Create a favorable working environment, which is the foundation for activities related to product quality Maintaining advanced infrastructure, continuously improving the quality system, and complying with production processes. Export strictly to reduce production costs, while ensuring to create the best products to meet the stringent requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

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